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‘Connect’ Assessment and Referral Service

Connect is an assessment and referral service, which meets the needs of people in East London who wish to consider entering therapy or psychotherapy. Connect is particularly suitable for those who want to find a therapist but have little or no previous experience, those returning to therapy, and those who are not sure what therapy involves but would like to consider it.

Connect provides therapists, GPs and therapy services with a way of handing on clients they need to refer, knowing that those clients will be dealt with sensitively and professionally, and given a supportive route into therapy.

Assessments are conducted over 2 sessions, at least one week apart. The first session will give you the opportunity to talk to an assessment therapist about your reasons for seeking help at this point in your life, and to consider what you are hoping to gain from therapy. You will be able to ask any questions you have, and discuss doubts or anxieties about the therapy process. Together you will be able to reflect on what the experience might be like for you, and whether therapy is likely to be of help.

At the second session you will be able to review how the first session affected you, and further discuss the decision about whether or not therapy is right for you. If so, you will then be able to choose from a range of detailed therapist profiles, with photographs. Your assessor will be able to explain how each person works, and help you to choose who might be most suitable for you, also bearing in mind location, fees, and the availability of a mutually convenient time.

Your details will be passed on to the therapist, and you will need to phone them yourself to arrange the first appointment. You will then have the option of continuing with them, or may choose referral to another therapist. If you prefer you can postpone referral until up to 12 weeks after your assessment, if you would like more time for reflection.

Connect ensures that all its therapists have appropriate supervision and insurance, and belong to a recognised professional body.